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asymmetric paddling

Posted 26-08-15

Asymmetric Paddling

Posted 26-08-15

Finished work early this particular Friday, it was the August Bank holiday weekend. Rushed home grabbed my gear and off I went to Mersea Island. Not having any children left at home, the fact that the schools were on their six week summer holiday did not enter my head, and of course August Bank holiday is Regatta time and as I was soon find out, it would change my mood from being very happy, to someone who was extremely *issed off!

Let me explain:

I had checked the tides, and it told me that I had about an hour to get there and cross the strood onto the Island, No problem made that with ease. Great just got to make my way down to the waterfront, park up, grab my bag, set up and away we go, happy days right? Wrong!!!

The place was absolutely heaving, not a place to park, even the double parkers were double parked! After driving round for what seemed hours and becoming, to understate it, more and more fed up I decided that a tactical withdrawal was no shame, so off home I go…… that is until I reach the strood, and if you haven’t guessed already, yep the tide was up as high as a bloody kite and I was not getting off Mersea until the tide turned. After the utterance of some well chosen words, I turned round and headed back, only to find I was not the only one with that very idea! Finally managed to find a parking space at the top of the town, which is about a mile walk to where I wanted to be.

Not to be beaten, grabbed my bag, which when you pick it up weighs a ton never mind trekking a mile or so. [ lesson to be learned –  buy a set of wheels], and off I go. A while later arriving where I want to start shooting, and what you see on this blog is one of the pictures I captured that day.

As you will see more to come over the next few weeks, the miserable start I had turned out to be one the the best shoots I had done to date…… funny ow it goes init!

Some of you have probably been kind enough to browse my work on my old edition website trevormorris.co.uk. times and things change so here we are in 2015 with a brand new look to trevormorris.co.uk.

My hope is that you will continue to enjoy my work, please be patient as it will take me a bit of time reposting all my work here.

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‘Asymmetric Paddling’

photographed at: | West Mersea | Essex | August 2013 |

 © photographic art by Trevor Morris



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