Trevor Morris - photographic Artist

It started when…..

My journey into the world of photography started when I was given a camera on my 10th birthday.

Fifty plus years on and several cameras later the prospect of being able to capture something totally unique every time I press the shutter release button still fills me with the same sense of wonderment I enjoyed as a small boy.

Having traveled extensively for over a quarter of a century on various assignments, has allowed me to indulge my passion for land and seascape photography and has enabled me to create a collection Fine Art digital images.

I have two of other sites on the web, these are all about me photographing stuff for other people, and sometimes I even get paid, happy days!

This is my play space……  is all about what I photograph for me, this is the place I come to play……

‘Life is nothing but a series of ‘one off events’….. here are some of mine